Scarborough Bluffs and how to get to the “secret spots”

Scarborough Bluffs, and how to get to the “Secret Spots”

Six months in ‘The Six’, and acquainted to Toronto’s hustle and bustle. Our rough calluses, well earned from previous trekking adventures were now next to nonexistent…  this was not a good sign. Parks, segregated gardens, and the occasional overgrown sidewalks, would not be our only form of environmental stimulation. It was time theses Aussies went ‘Walkabout’, got some fresh air, and went on an adventure.

Scarborough bluffs stretches across 15 kilometers of Lake Ontario’s shoreline, it is also home to parks, walking trails, beautiful beaches and a few secret gems.

Before the adventure can begin….you’re going to need a few essential items. We would be letting down our home continent (Australia), if we didn’t put Sunscreen at the top of the list, so there you go mum… Sunscreen,

Next a  hat, walking shoes, Cloths you don’t mind getting little (Or a lot) dirt on, a power bank to recharge for all those instagramable pics you’re going to want to take and enough water, snacks and cute picnic food to survive you the day or possibly longer – we’ve all seen 127 hours.

Getting there –You clearly know how to use the internet as you’ve managed to find the best travel blog on it, so I have faith you will be able to find the Subway and make your way to Bloor and Young station. From here catch the east bound line 2: (Bloor and Danforth) subway straight through to the last stop – Kennedy station. Then take the new bus line 175 that rolls straight down to the Scarborough Bluffs. P.s this only runs on weekends and though the summer months.

*Get there early! Especially if you’re driving, the car parks are full by 10am, and all the best picnic spots will be too.


So you’ve made it….now what?


Get a little sightseeing done and explore first, as I mentioned it gets very crowded and nobody wants other people in there snapchats. Make sure to take a look around the Marina, there’s beautiful sail boats and a fancy looking seafood restaurant if you’re hungry, and didn’t pack a picnic lunch. Check out beach, soak up some sun, get wet, and try to forget about the fact all this is going to be under a foot of snow in a few short months.

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Now let’s break the law!


Me: Wait…break the law?

Also Me: Yes, that’s what I said. Break-the-law.

Still Me: Okay, let’s do it

If you’ve spent more than 15 minute’s googling the Bluffs, then you’ve seen a few of these aesthetic pictures floating around.

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Nice Eh?

Well for 3 weekly payments of $9.99 you too can get theses awesome shots…..

Relax, I’m Joking, I’m going to help you get them absolutely free, that’s right, with today’s special offer you don’t have to pay so much as a dime.

Actually it depends entirely on you how much they will cost, as if you’re caught you’re looking at a $5000 fine…OUCH!

From what I’ve read it is very rare to actually caught or fined, it’s more of a warning as theses incredible cliffs are made up of sand, and aren’t exactly the safest place to visit. To quote the great Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean “the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rule

I did it and risked Deportations, so don’t be a chicken (If you are the Immigration Bureau or Police reading this, I have never broken the law, nor do I ever intend to… Promise☺ )

For real though, this is a pretty difficult climb, so It you’re not confident doing it, stay on sea level, and enjoy the sun and sea (Lake) People have seriously injured themselves and even died…

I have constructed a map, to make it a little easier to figure out where you are and want to go. It look me a decent 5minutes possible more to create, so appreciate it and take a good look.


Walk west to the park past through the car park and at the far right end you will see a small clearing for a thin animal track

Follow that track, and when the dirt road splits in 2, take the road less taken (the one on the right). Push through those over hanging branches, and climb up and over the fence, then continue up, up up, you may need to use side branches and dig those manicured nails into the dirt.

Eventually you’ll make it to the peak, and the photo shoot may commence.  

Getting down is just as hard, if not harder so be careful upon your descend. I came home with a hardcore war wound, complete as proof of my hardship, so even stilled climber such as me, can trip.

The Last and most important step in this adventure is the all-important Instagram upload so make sure you tag us @bootsandbag


Happy Travels!

How to stay vegetarian while traveling

Fish are friends not food! – Bruce (JAW-some Shark in ‘Finding Nemo’, Fish Friend, non conformist)

To travel the globe you need an energized body to go with that healthy mind, This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your taste-buds to consuming anything with a mother! Because who wants to do that, right? We love mothers !

Due to my major fear of food poisoning and cross contamination I managed to travel across Europe and through Asia without actually considering myself Vegetarian. As most food related illnesses come from meat, poultry and fish I decided that I don’t want any Bali belly or Thai tummy holding me back from my awesome adventure.

For starters, it ain’t easy! This is no walk in the park, as lot of cultures don’t even consider chicken/fish as meat, so when ordering make sure the server understands that you don’t want any animal and don’t freak out but when you ask for something to be customized into vegetarian a lot of the time the waitress will just pick out the meat from your meal, these are something’s you will have to get used to.

On one occasion I said I was vegetarian, and the non-english speaking chinese server pointed to noodles and then various meats and started mooing, making chicken noises, and then went to barking and meowing….so yeah that’s when I just settled with the restaurant next door.


Do expect: “you’re a what”? and then with astonishment ask “so what do you eat”? Grass?

Growing up in nearly all vegetarian/ flex-atarian family I never considered that some people couldn’t even imagine surviving without meat, However it is great to see when traveling how many people are interested in learning and trying to be vegetarian.

It sounds hard but it is still possible ! J Here are some of my best tips on how to plan, prepare and enjoy !

Plan Ahead: As a busy globe trotting traveller you don’t have the time walking the streets to find a meal that will suit your dietary requirements, and as the world has progressed so much when it comes to vegan or vegetarianism more restaurants are adding vege options to their menu, check out any vegetarian apps and websites like Happy Cow which is a popular website for locating vegetarian restaurants. Vegetarian/vegan options are everywhere we just need to know how to find them. By doing this you won’t be stuck and searching for hours then only realizing there was a vegan restaurant down the road.

Change up your meal: Have you ever seen a delicious meal and thought ‘omg that would be great without meat’ if so, just ask the waitor/waitress if you can have the meal with no chicken or meat but the best option I found was to say “just vegetable” because “no meat” can mean no red meat or some meat. Most restaurants will accommodate to this, I’m not saying it will always be purely plant based but its better than eating your right arm for dinner.

SNACKKKS: or ‘snack-a-roo’s’ how a true Aussie says it! Healthy little snacks are your light in the darkness if you simply can’t find any food and have almost given up hope. Especially if you’re taking a long haul bus trip and don’t really have a choice where the driver pit stops for lunch, this tip can truly save your hunger pangs. Note down to stock up on Nuts, dried fruit, muesli bars and corn chips, they are great for nutrition and travel extremely well.

Explore a new taste palate: Do like the locals do! and get yourself immersed into the ethnic cuisines like Indian, Thai, Mexican ect. Because they love their Veggies as much as we do and almost always have a vase range or vege options.

Release your inner chef: let Jamie Oliver flow through you and start cooking up a storm whether you’re staying in an AirBnb or Hostel, utilize the kitchen and save money while doing it ! Even if you are lazy like me and just heat up that frozen meal it’s an easy way to know exactly what you’re eating and remain a lazy (but happy) vegetarian.

Just add water: dehydrated soups, cuppa noodles, instant mash and porridge mixes are your new best friends! This isn’t just handy for your diet but for long haul train and bus trips too!! Feeling like you’re not getting the nutrition you need? Get some vitamin drinks and top up all those great vitamins you need in a drink! Honestly these tips saved me on a 3 day long non-stop train trip through Russia – click here to read my post on traveling across Russia here.

I hope you liked my post, do you have any extra tips? Or a traveling while vegetarian story? Let me know in the comments below.


Happy Travels!