We are a pair of extreme travel addicts and live wholeheartedly by the concept of “old age and retirement” being nothing but an assumption; The only thing you can be guaranteed is theĀ NOW. The very moment we are living in right now. Don’t waste this moment, go buy that plane ticket, climb that mountain, see the seven wonders, as cliche as it sounds, you might die tomorrow. Now I know all that is easier said than done. We all can’t afford to quit our jobs sell our belongs and live out of a backpack, but we’re here to show you how we do it, and how we have managed to explore over 60 countries and climb the Himalayas, slept under the stars in the Indian Desert, crawl through caves 50 meters under the city of Budapest all while still managing to support ourselves and have a comfortable living. Here we will keep you updated with our everyday extraordinary lives, and the crazy adventures we live through.