Firstly, although it would be awesome to be spoused by theses apps, I am unfortunately am given no incentive to recommend or promote theses apps, other than my simple love and appreciation for their existence. However having said that, I more than welcome any payments these companies wish to send me. These Apps live permanently on my phone and have time and time again helped make my traveling life easier, whether it be with currencies, language or a finding my way home.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 21.35.37


  •  This is my favorite app of all time, (angry birds excluded) Triposo an excellent offline map app that will make your life 1000 times easier. You simply download the city you wish to travel when wifi is available, then take off exploring from there. You can pinpoint locations such as your hostel, bus stop, favorite cafe ect. The app also includes attractions, restaurants, banks, metro stops and much more all clearly marked on the map. It can show you where you are and follow you with a satellite so you never get lost. This app has saved us from getting ripped of from Taxi drivers, as it is easy to see when your being taken the wrong way or round in circles, it also helps to show you where to get off the metro or bus at and even giveds reviews and information or locations you may pass or may wish to visit. I can not recommend it more, and to make it even better it’s FREE!!! If you havent already downloaded it, do it now! Click here!


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Google translate 

  • Like most Aussies, I am fluent it only two languages, English and bullshit, and unfortunately not everyone can speek these. Quick answer, Google Translate. Again his app can be used offline, making it great for travelers that oftern dont have data. Download your selected language when WiFi is available and off you go. One of the best aspects to this app it the camera mode. Hover your phone over any foreign text, wether it be a menu, street sign, information plank at at museum, or brocher, and the text will change on the screen to in english (or any other desired language). Amazing right!  Click here!

Xe logo

Ex Currency

  • Tracking your spending can gets confusing partially if your changing currencies often. You start forgetting whether you spent 10 pounds, dollar, euros or bitcoins on something. XE is free app that allows you access to a number of different currency’s offline, making it easy to keep on top of your spending and remain within budget.



  • I sure I don’t have to tell you to down load this one , but non the less, keeping in contact with your loved ones is important, and if I couldn’t give home a call every now and then, I know I wouldn’t be able to travel for as long as I can. So call your Mum!

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 21.40.12


  • An obvious one, but most the times the obvious answer is the right one. TripAdvisor is making a huge change the travellers lifestyle when eating out, looking for Accommodation and Attractions forever giving you a buttaly honest review from real people. remember that hotel room you booked that had these beautiful pictures of the room and when you arrived there you were greeted by something that only belonged in a horror movie well not you can save people from having that same experience by sharing your story and even adding pictures. Not too metion, there is no better way to get your revenge than from cowering away behind your keyboard and making a negitive anonymous review for that cafe that overchange you for soy and only informed you after they had made it. Click here!

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